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Dr. Silverstein's health education articles are located on:
The Preventive Medicine Center website. The following provides an overview of the materials presented.

What is Preventive Medicine?

Simply put, virtually all the diseases that we know, all the high blood pressure, all the high cholesterol, diabetes, gallstones, cancers of the colon-prostate-breast, all the body malfunctions have direct causes.


Our current deadly behaviors have lead to knee and hip replacement surgery from crushing overweight, which overweight is also relevant to the development of diabetes/high cholesterol/high blood pressure/heart attack/stroke/bypass surgery/dialysis/gall stones/diverticulitis/cancer of the breast-colon-uterus-prostate and so on. These are, in large part, due to the abuses of diet, smoking, exercise lack, and use of mind altering drinks and drugs and of all which excesses are reasonably preventable.

Nutritional Instruction

Our dietary goals should be very high fiber and whole foods/low fat with minimally refined or processed foods consisting mostly of whole grains/cooked fresh vegetables/beans and a little bit of anything else. Maintain a "Liv-it," not a die-t. A little fun always!

Psychological / Spiritual Health

It has been wisely said, "In life there is only room for good thoughts, and everything else is strictly business. In business you make up your mind what you're going to do, do it, and accept the consequences." Hard work and perseverance is what it is all about, with the willful near total avoidance of anger-fear-hostility-depression-stress.

Weight Loss Advice

Getting to the correct percent body fat (15% or less for men and 20% or less for women), which is not BMI. A variety of short-term weight loss programs is provided. Get a quick start to weight loss, and then learn how to develop a permanent lifestyle of eating to improve health and maintain weight.


Overweight is due only in part to our consuming the excess availability of rich and refined foods... the ease of our lives also contributes to a decreased need to exercise in order to get by. Exercise in our normal daily lives in ancient times was walking a significant distance to school/work and or having to do physical labor all day long. The value of exercise in the prevention and reversal of disease is recognized by all. A review of simple ways to maintain good health with exercise is given.


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