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Top Ten+ ...Patient Handouts

While all of my handouts are beautifully written and of crucial importance, without the humor, these are the ones that I feel would be most beneficial if one is unfamiliar with this type of information. This information is stored on The Preventive Medicine Center website.

  1. Expression of Genetic Tendencies

    Most diseases occur if, and only if, the person with a genetic tendency does what is necessary...

  2. How Virtually All Diseases Occur

    Virtually all diseases occur - because of the 5 Basic Errors of behavior interacting with each person's genetic...

  3. Cosmic Questions: Best Answers

    For the most part, life is cosmic good luck, a blessing, that you have received and nothing else.

  4. Health's Ten Commandments

    You are genetically strong and designed to be well, not ill.

  5. Abolition of Symptomatic Coronary Artery Disease

    The absence of symptomatic coronary artery disease is accomplished if total cholesterol is kept <150 mg/dl.

  6. Grains-Vegetables-Beans-Fish-Vitamins

    Avoid no-fiber foods like chicken, skim milk, turkey, margarine, yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese, grease/oil...

  7. Quick Healthy Eating

    High Fiber-Low Cholesterol-Low Fat Quick and Relatively Healthy Eating.

  8. Recipes

    Recommendations for easy cooking and simple eating to get started on a healthier lifestyle...

  9. The Statins: Lipitor, Crestor, Advicor, Pravachol, and Zocor: Coronary Disease Prevention and Reversal

    In the presence of documented coronary artery disease..., a total cholesterol value of 130 or less is safer...

  10. Cardiomyopathy And Congestive Heart Failure

    A total cholesterol level of necessary to prevent heart attack, angina, angioplasty, bypass surgery...


I Don't Like Brown Rice-Vegetable-Beans

You and I are designed to breathe clean air, drink clean water...and eat a very high fiber/low fat diet.

Exercise–Free Weights & Aerobic

Exercise is not just beneficial, it is essential!

Smoking Control

Smoking is enjoyable and destructive...It calms and kills...Suggestions for control...

Concerning Osteoporosis

For most people, osteoporosis is due to our Western way of eating chicken/meat...


Anger, fear, hostility, depression and stress all have to do with the belief of "I cannot" rather than "I can."

"It Runs in the Family, and I'm Under Stress"

You must "give" up some things you like in order to "get" freedom from disease...

H. Robert Silverstein, M.D.
Fellow of the American College of Cardiology
Fellow of the American College of Preventive Medicine


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